[how does evaporate dish flavor] how does _ of the _ method that make make –

[how does evaporate dish flavor] how does _ of the _ method that make make –

Article introduction

Use evaporate this method is an uses extensively method in department of food of food of another name for Guangdong Province, because of evaporate dish to a lot of feed can chain for material feed the flavour with original material. Mix in evaporate fish especially evaporate chop when, because evaporate dish does not need to join the other condiment that weigh a mouth, the flavoring that chooses before evaporate dish so is very important. These flavoring should be achieved go very well action of render palatable of raw meat or fish, how should be the flavoring of evaporate dish moved so?

How does evaporate dish flavor

The specific means of evaporate dish

1, steam

Will advocate condiment is joined after expecting treatment is arranged, or rejoin soup (or water) in putting containers esp. for use in the house, make it is mature to heat.

(The choice of 1) raw material reachs treatment: The raw material requirement of steamed dish is fresh, for example chicken, pork, seafood. When be being machined first, must manage raw material wash clean, scald water treatment should have commonly before steaming. To chunk raw material, flourishing fire boiling water is used when steaming long evaporate makes; and wait for minor volume raw material to silk, man, use flourishing fire boiling water the method of rapid evaporate.

(2) flavors: The flavour of steamed dish give priority to with salty little taste, commonly usedLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Dressing has refined salt, gourmet powder, pepper, ginger, green to wait, flavor with light Dan Weijia.

(3) installs dish: Of steamed dish install dish of cent to be bright calm dish and dark calm dish two kinds. Bright calm dish it is to show it is certain to press raw material press raw material configuration order is installed dish, ; of the desk on former household utensils is dark after evaporate is made calm dish ask to change dish hind go up again desk.

(4) becomes dish characteristic: The dish of law of this kind of evaporate is had show unbleached, Shang Zhiqing clear, quality of a material is delicate soft ripe characteristic.

2, powdery evaporate

Good treatment raw material uses the flavoring of ground rice etc that has fried to mix divide evenly, the yard in putting containers esp. for use in the house after that is nice, heat with vapour glutinous of soft ripe grow.

(The choice of 1) raw material machines: Powdery evaporate chooses old pliable but strong of quality of a material to not have normally muscle, fresh flavour is sufficient, fat thin alternate with or quality of a material are delicate without muscle, Yi ChengShanghai Long Feng forum

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Ripe raw material, for example chicken, fish, flesh kind wait with cooked food of rhizome, legume. The figuration of raw material is much with piece, piece, give priority to.

(2) flavors: Powdery evaporate dish asks to undertake flavorring first, via souse tastyShanghai night net

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The raw material after, the ability when evaporate is made takes favorable effect. The flavour of powdery evaporate dish Chang Youxian is piquancy of flavour of flavour of little taste, the five spices, the daily life of a family, hemp, salty sweet taste. Mix the ground rice that in controlling a process, needs, it is commonly fry polished long-grained nonglutinous rice to small yellow, air grinds pulverize face. Mix the dry rare pitch that make also should be mixed according to the old tender rate of raw material fat thin scale masters neatly.

(3) installs dish: When powdery evaporate raw material is being put ought to loose, mutual between cannot squeezing ramming impaction, affect the quality of dish otherwise. Pledge the dish that feels delicate and loose is tasted, boiling water of the fire that use flourishing texture of fast evaporate; is soft rot the dish that does not come loose is tasted, boiling water of the fire that use flourishing is long evaporate.

How does evaporate dish flavor

(4) becomes dish characteristic: Show golden scene, flavour alcohol is sweet, oily and not be bored with.

3, drought evaporate

Say to buckle evaporate again, raw material is added only flavor1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Article do not add soup juice, some household utensils are returnedForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Should be built or heal.

(The choice of 1) raw material machines: Drought evaporate dish uses flavour of fresh as good as, easy ripe, simple sense mostly soft tender raw material, for example chicken, duck, fish, shrimp, pork, vegetable, fruit.

(2) flavors: Great majority is salty little taste, after evaporate makes food, still should flavor or assist flavor.

(3) installs dish: Use drought evaporate method to become dish, some breaks up directly buckle dish, the household utensils serving such as dish, be like ” longan is burned sweet white ” the serving after; some should add boiling water, be like ” sesame seed upper part of a leg of pork ” the serving after; some should hang juice, be like ” cake of white juice chicken ” ; some should drench flavour juice or serving of dish mixing ingredient, be like ” fish of ginger juice eye ” .

How does evaporate dish flavor

(4) becomes dish characteristic: Pattern is whole, former juice raw ingredient, fresh and tender and goluptious.

Do not know above becomes the means of evaporate dish to a few kinds when everybody recommends, everybody learned. Believe you know evaporate dish uses what steam, that goes to what try to win sb’s favor needs feeding capable person rapidly on the market, begin oneself to start work next evaporate dish. Remember feed material to be cleaned clean, if be done more successfully1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, remember sharing your fruit with us!

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