[what is the food before marathon] – of note of _ of _ nutrition collocation

[what is the food before marathon] – of note of _ of _ nutrition collocation

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People pays attention to modern society more and more the fitness of oneself, a lot of people can enhance the constitution of oneself through motion, very much campaign has a few notes, the food before moving especially, marathon is the motion of a food before paying attention to contest very much, because this is a time longer the match with carry bigger momentum moves, but a lot of peopleA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Do not know the food before contest. So, what is the food before marathon?

What is the food before marathon

The first, what is the food before marathon? Marathon everybody already not unfamiliar, it now have been the motion of a the whole people, want to run good horseShanghai Long Feng forum

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Pull a pine, the preparation before contest is very important. The preparation before the contest of marathon is a painstaking work, if be arranged scientificly, can make the player achieves the groove before contest, run optimal achievement and place. Injection of club of energy glue, energy, dextrose — two are drunk before dextrose injection is surpassed, energy glue or it is energy club the different situation according to everybody, some people do not need, somebody runs at ordinary times also can complement when Sunday run, because of the person appropriate; is running normally the person of half Cheng marathon had better not the drinkable beverage that contain sugar, and run the energy drink that the person of whole journey wants right amount complement to contain candy beverage or provide for oneself after 20 kilometers!

What is the food before marathon

The 2nd, long-distance running motion needs corresponding dietary management, although serve as the person that amateur runs, need not seek result overly1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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With the place, but the excuse that ran can not make you indulge food. The main organization part that healthy nutrition is good habits and customs like prandial management and motion, more important even. Confucius ” eat energy of not tire of, meat chopped into small pieces not tire of is fine ” the standard is worth to draw lessons from. Be about to hold healthy dietary convention daily, have breakfast, advocate blast of non-staple food balance, little cooking oilLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Drink beverage food, less to wait, want to strive to accomplish. And should control strictly more before contest, unless you are paid no attention to,be as long as training of hardship of a few months and pay. In eat an amount respect and common and identical, slant as far as possible element, give priority to with carbohydrate, the rice that has more namely, face, fruit of vegetable, water should over flesh kind, eat less acerbity, hot, bloat, decoct, fumigated article. Do not drink alcohol, drink other wine less kind.

What is the food before marathon

What is the food before marathon? Dinner eats cooked wheaten food, it is the optimal choice of energy of complement of match night before last. Match night before last needs the carbohydrate that fills to be measured amply, can make sure the body when getting up has sufficient energy so. The match before today food, bagA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Draw together lunch and dinner, absorb 300 grams carbohydrate at least. Can press dinner of as usual of as usual compasses of course, edible noodle, rice, potato, biscuit or porridge. Absorb protein and vegetable to keep the moisture content with prandial compensatory and enough balance at the same time, ahead of schedule a day of enough filling water can make body water divides plentiful. Although the body when Morpheus still can waste partial energy, but before contestLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Maintain the 6 Morpheus that come 7 hours very good to condition part.

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