” full-scale war: Battle hammer ” cooperate with AMD: Produce DX12 power adequately

” full-scale war: Battle hammer ” cooperate with AMD: Produce DX12 power adequately

AMD announces now, will at ” full-scale war ” Creative Assembly of the series series that make spreads out collaboration, outstanding ” full-scale war: Battle hammer ” medium DX12 uses a dominant position.

The Creative Assembly group that make discloses, ” full-scale war: Battle hammer ” DX12 of this work have the aid of is characteristic will very fetching attention, ” full-scale war ” the CPU operation of magnanimity of series need have the aid of, contain by tens of thousands unit, AI, game logic, physical specially good effect is waited a moment, DX12 will be helped show calorie of efficient task that finish, reduce the operation amount of CPU, this to RTS game it is a very great progress.

AMD also expresses, creative Assembly chose AMD to regard DX12 as game ” full-scale war: Battle hammer ” show calorie of partner solely, DX12 changes the day on the verge of breaking out that PC game experiences, and the daring vanguard that the engineers of AMD also became DX12 API, the asynchronous computation engine with distinctive profit from, the efficiency of GPU and utilization rate will get soaring.

Altogether, DX12 can promote the process of prospective game dynastic changes, much home is at present large the group that make also laid the target this brand-new API, the getaway that can regard as DX12 game 2015 level, republication ” strange place is cindery ” hind do not have follow-up of game of what follow-up DX12 all the time. Enter the game your work that game developed business to announce his in succession 2016, there is 6 first half of the year only, 7 game come out, let our wait and see what happens.

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