Female advocate sow express to send cover a courtship game explanation to be wept bitterly on the spot by refus

Female advocate sow express to send cover a courtship game explanation to be wept bitterly on the spot by refus

A few days ago, before Li Chen of explanation of CF profession player, famous match (strange Ga) in direct seeding road, receive sign for: Box the express wrap up of 135581, embedded one professions correspondence and mysterious gift condom! Be bewitching animal really! Work is long see! ! Is present female pink so direct those who make an appointment with? Early the material benefits with know to play good game to have so good, return somebody to you can study well?

Content of whole courtship letter is very direct and open, and incident daughter advocate point to continuously with platform daughter advocate sow box, li Chen (strange Ga) a legendary venomous insect that be rectified by the netizen suspects above all after reading letter in public. Incite in what be full of bewilderment and netizen below, li Chen is taking main forces to be opposite female advocate the box that sow box undertook make the rounds of the wards.

Both sides makes clear identity hind simply in the course, li Chen also not talk in a roundabout way, enquire whether case case gives him express courtship letter and condom directly. . . . . . Can this thing ask so? Can this thing ask so below this kind of circumstance? Li Chen also is young. . . . . . What did not think of however is, younger sister paper is younger, admitted actually, still expressed the feeling of the love to Li Chen, mere blame Li Chen ought not to enquire him with this kind of means. . . . . .21 century, what makes true love, this ability is true love! !

Grow this one pace, is a paragraph of a much-told story that direct seeding encircles about to begin so? If this kind of situation is encountered in the man that take, should know how to be done with toe head! But, absolutely cannot think of, all man that watch living broadcast just are true young! Li Chen not only did not receive action, taught in public instead female advocate after be being sowed one time handsome return direct seeding, continue to play CF, leave incident daughter advocate the condemn both in speech and writing that faces numerous netizen

This strange Ga is covered set make an appointment with porthole incident to laugh away finally with Li Chen, female advocate cry bitterly closes direct seeding end. Netizens also are to hold a point of view each to 2 people, heat discusses day day.

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