CDPR makes group interview: ” koradji 3 ” part Yioufeisi gut is chopped

CDPR makes group interview: ” koradji 3 ” part Yioufeisi gut is chopped

” koradji 3 ” we had heard praised word too much, the game with this vast scope obtained the result that everything can achieve last year, respecting scope is vast nevertheless, a few days ago, outside intermediary exposure the dimensions when making original tentative plan originally will compare current game to go up greatly even a lot of. We learn from the group that make, ” koradji 3 ” task of medium a few branch line is emasculated as a result of a variety of reasons dropped, ” koradji 2 ” chief of medium demon squirrel party Yioufeisi this part also is deleted, how is this to return a responsibility after all?

On forum of government of the closest koradji, the producer Philipp Webber of CDPR disclosed ” koradji 3 ” a few information of gut, include Yioufeisi the circumstance that this part is deleted, producer respecting, our playwrite still is discussing this issue before a few months, yioufeisi is in ” koradji 3 ” game is really in set originally one part, develop development as game nevertheless, the story is huger and huger, stem from a variety of reasons, we must cutout reduces content of a few game, and the content that burnish leaves, we to Yioufeisi this part also is felt very regretful by cutout.

” koradji 3 ” it is Jieluote takes a risk for the last time after all, also be Yioufeisi at the same time the last opportunity is in this making to appear, the decision that does not cross the group that make to be made finally is understandable still, but still a lot of players hope to see this part is in ” koradji 3 ” in come on stage again, make this part afore after all already deep popular.

In addition, philipp Weber also spoke of ” koradji 3 ” data piece problem, blood and wine are ” koradji 3 ” last DLC, accordingly they hope the player experiences this making well, is not for pursuit upgrade go hitting wear game. Nevertheless the player still had better be experiencing this making after get through original, probable meeting is difficult and heavy if halfway begins.

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