[how is rock candy mulberry boiled] – of encyclopedia of practice of _ of the _ method that make

[how is rock candy mulberry boiled] – of encyclopedia of practice of _ of the _ method that make

Article introduction

In the summer when should drink a few goluptious fresh water, because these fresh water can let a person feel body and mind is cheerful not only, still certain clear heat sees heat effect. Mulberry is one kind is in spring the fruit that yields at the beginning of end summer, and before Shenzhen basically is the wild fruit on the hillside, since it is OK to be discovered by people edible and after having very tall medical effect effect, people often regards a kind of fruit as edible mulberry however. And mulberry hasLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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One kind eats a law to use rock candy to boil mulberry namely, so what is its practice?

 How is rock candy mulberry boiled

This is an acid sweet1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The drink of taste. Mulberry does be drying of machine of oneself dried fruit, clean sanitation, and the heart is followed in the home optional at any time will had sampled the fructification of season, enjoy the delicate joy that cate brings.

Water of mulberry rock candy feeds material introduction

Mulberry does 5g, rock candy is right amount, water is right amountLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The practice of water of mulberry rock candy measure

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1, prepare to feed capable person

2, put mulberry and crystal sugar cup

3, pour hot water

4, the change as temperature, the color of water also is met change

5, again the change as time, the color of water will be a few thicker, rock candy also is changed again gradually.

6, take the place that has sun, the color of water is very good-looking. Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum

 How is rock candy mulberry boiled

Small doohickey

Come according to taste transfer into rock candy

How is mulberry washed clean

Mulberry is value of a kind of nutrition very tall fruit, mulberry is delicious and juicily, mouthfeel acid is sweet, contain rich nutrition, benefit at us healthy. Very the reception that gets female friend. But how be cleaned before eating mulberry? Can tap water is rinsed, weak brine or bubble of the leach that clean out rice. When cleaning mulberry, the attention does not want a pick off of mulberry the base of a fruit, go if the mulberry of the base of a fruit is put in water to immerse, rudimental pesticide can enter fructification interior along with water, cause more serious pollution. Additional, also should not use wash

The cleaner such as cleanse spirit immerses mulberry, these material are cleaned very hard clean, easy remain is in fructification, cause pollution 2 times.

 How is rock candy mulberry boiled

The effect of mulberry and action

Compensatory nutrition, enhance resistance: ? ] ⑻ of frame of  of cracking gram of Mu of fellow   grabs yo ⒍ Di to treat an ancient nationality in China of  of throat of ⒘ of comb of box of Ba of eulogy of ⑷ of Chu of exemplarying bandit of  of ⒑ of   Chu  of Ti of eulogy of Cong of ┏ of Ю of Rao Yi travel drinks naphthalene? to promote hematopoiesis function, enhance airframe immunity power.

Forum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net

: of be good at taste, aid digestion? ] ⑵ of curtain of mother’s brother of  of ⒅ of curtain of Gao  bandit returns  cape to throw? of   Liu to be able to help adipose, protein, starch digest absorb, enhance alvine peristalsis.

Does black send: ? ] Gao  cracks to? of Kang Naishen ⑺ can make the hair becomes black and shine lustre.

: of nourishing liver kidney? ] subtle oyster of sural Ni rank leap up asks Zi know Xu to? can treat kidney empty, beard and hair early eye of white, eye is dim-sighted etc. Disease of kidney of anaemic, chronic liver person Yike mufti mulberry or mulberry honey.

Prevent hemal and sclerotic: ? ] cowardly of skirt of  of Tao of a screen-like mountain peak of mother’s brother of  of fellow   retreats ⒂ of curtain of  of curtain ⒂ storehouse to retreat Lin mallet? to be able to restrain adipose synthesis, decompose adipose, reduce hematic fat, prevent fat to pledge deposit inside blood-vessel, prevent hemal sclerosis to wait.

: of tumour of prevention and cure? ] it is mature that Di of fellow   treats Liu to feed evil spirit brother’s son to send Wu of  of kang of Mo a small tinkling bell to kitchen Bi? promotes T lymphocyte, precautionary tumour cell diffuses, those who avoid tumor generate.

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